Greenland and the North West Passage

Part of our job is filming in some of the most remote and spectacular locations on earth!

About Us



Robert Moberg has immersed himself in the many facets of independent filmmaking including acting, writing, directing and producing for over two decades. Robert’s career has taken him to some of the most remote and spectacular locations on Earth including Greenland, the Torngat Mountains of northern Labrador, the Canadian Arctic via the northwest passage and the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. To raise awareness for climate change and plastic pollution Robert and his wife Vanessa recently spent six months living aboard a small sailboat and circumnavigating Vancouver Island. The mission, called  "Sailing For Good" will be a feature documentary. His passion for wildlife conservation and environmental awareness has been demonstrated with the feature documentaries, “Bighorns at the Junction” and “Giants Among Us - Rick Hansen and the Great White Sturgeon”, both of which broadcast nationally on the CBC Documentary Channel. More recently Robert has a new film, “Turbidity”, an intimate portrait of the environmentally devastating Mt Polley mine disaster near his hometown of Williams Lake BC. Turbidity will begin broadcast on the Knowledge Network fall 2019. Newly completed and starting its festival run is “The Way of the Hunter”, a film he has written and directed with the iconic National Film Board of Canada. 



Vanessa Moberg has an honours degree in Business Administration majoring in Tourism. Her resume includes 15 years of marketing experience including Marketing Manager for Cruise Newfoundland Labrador and Brand Manager for Downtown Williams Lake. Her passion for conservation and the environment has been a lifelong journey. Vanessa recently worked for the Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society as their Education Coordinator. From there she joined husband Robert with the "Sailing For Good" mission. A gifted writer, Vanessa's work has been featured in many publications. Her film credits include producer, business affairs, and B camera on the recent productions, Giants Among Us and Turbidity. Vanessa provides ongoing support with production stills, B camera, locations, social media and legal affairs. Vanessa is an avid outdoor enthusiast, birder, writer, photographer and sailor!